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Taxi Marrakech Essaouira: Quick booking

Travel in a comfortable car with a professional driver reserved only for you, between Marrakech and Essaouira or a destination of your choice

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Taxi Marrakech Essaouira: Presentation

Here you can book your Taxi Marrakech Essaouira quickly and online, and a comfortable car with driver will be waiting for you at the airport, hotel, house or any other point of your departure

Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

By booking your Taxi Marrakech Essaouira with MyDriver, you benefit from a luxury transport service between Marrakech and Essaouira, a private trip for you and your family at a very reasonable price compared to a trip in public transport or every person pays that up for poor service.

Here at Taxi Marrakech Essaouira we have comfortable vehicles serviced daily, air conditioned, and qualified and professionally friendly drivers.

Our entire team is motivated to make your trip an unprecedented trip by Taxi between Marrakech and Essaouira, by preparing you exceptional services including no detail or neglected; which goes from waiting at your departure point 30 minutes before the hour, until putting the water bottles in each seat.

Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

With a simple and fast online reservation on the Taxi Marrakech Essaouira website, you reserve your vehicle at a date and time of your choice without leaving your home if you are in Morocco, and if you are still abroad you will earn A lot of time by booking your Taxi between Marrakech Essaouira in advance and thus avoid waiting at the exit of Marrakech or Essaouira airport.

By traveling with Taxi Marrakech Essaouira between Marrakech and Essaouira, or to other cities such as Casablanca, Agadir, Ouarzazate, Safi, ... you enjoy a trip that you feel comfortable, especially if you are traveling with family or as friends; you stop when you want on the road, you buy what you want in the small villages along the road, you take photos if you want,… in short, it will be a trip like no other.

With all these services and more, and with a very good value for money, all you have to do is go to the reservation page of the Taxi Marrakech Driver site, and for payment you have two options, either pay with Paypal, or you only pay at the time of your departure.

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Book your Taxi Marrakech Essaouira now and enjoy a private, comfortable trip between Marrakech and Essaouira, luxury car with driver.

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Taxi Marrakech Essaouira: Benefits

Here are the four good reasons to book your Taxi Marrakech Essaouira with MyDriver, vehicle and driver, and quality service is mainly what you are looking for, but we offer you much more.

Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

1- New vehicles and maintained daily

Every morning at 6 am, our drivers leave their beds for a single objective, which is to make their work car better than the day before: washing, organization, changing carpets, wiping windows, etc.

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Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

2- Experienced drivers

We ensure the qualification of our drivers, sympathy and above all professionalism, so you do not have to worry about our drivers during your trip by Taxi Marrakech Essaouira or any other destination of your choice.

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Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

3- Meeting before your arrival time

Punctuality in our work as a tourist transport agency remains an irreproachable value at MyDriver, our driver will be waiting for you in front of the airport or at your point of departure at least 30 minutes before your departure time.

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Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

4- Clear and fixed prices

Regarding our rates, we display our prices clearly on all of our websites, so you only pay the price that you saw on the site you made your reservation.

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Do you want a clean car, maintained daily, and most importantly, it is comfortable? here at MyDriver VTC, we are aware of your need, so here are our vehicles that we offer.

Taxi Marrakech Essaouira


For 6 people, for a trip with family or people you will receive a Mitsubishi car, but above all a car well prepared and reserve only for you.

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Taxi Marrakech Essaouira


For 7 people, for a trip with family or people you will receive a VITO car, but above all a car well prepared and reserve only for you.

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Taxi Marrakech Essaouira


For 4 people, for a family or personal trip you will receive a KIA SPORTAGE car, but above all a well-prepared car and reserve only for you.

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We have had better experiences with our many dear customers, who share their experiences from time to time, and here is some of their testimonials.


Impeccable service very clean car Very punctual nickel service to recommend

B. Yassir


Driver said best driver in Marrakech I booked a kia sportage for marrakech menara airport perfect service

S. Anna


Very good transport service! Best rate compared to other carriers. Punctual and serious driver!

Bk. Antoine


With fixed prices and clearly displayed on our websites, you only pay for what you have seen on our websites, so you won't need to send us emails to check the prices, and on top of that we will save you money. potential disputes with the driver over the price to pay.

Routes 1-3 Places 4-7 Places 8-17 Places
Taxi Marrakech Essaouira 60€ 75€ 145#
Taxi Marrakech Agadir 110€ 140€ 160€
Taxi Marrakech Casablanca 130€ 150€ 180€
Taxi Marrakech Ouarzazate 140€ 160€ 180€
Taxi Casablanca Safi 60€ 80€ 150€
Taxi Casablanca Oualidiya 90€ 110€ 170€

Book Now Your Cab Marrakech To Essaouira

Book your Taxi Marrakech Essaouira now and enjoy a private, comfortable trip between Marrakech and Essaouira, luxury car with driver.

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In this part you will find our best moments lived with our dear customers translated into beautiful photos that are taken by ourselves or by our dear customers who express their satisfaction by sending us the photos of their best unforgettable moments spent with us.


MyDriver is much more than a driver, we also organize exceptional excursions to beautiful destinations to see, like all tourists but also to discover the hiding places of Morocco, places that tourists generally do not have access, you take pictures, you shoot videos, you meet the inhabitants from these regions, you discover the customs of the Moroccans, and you keep exceptional memories that many tourists do not have the opportunity to keep.

Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

1- Picnic Excursion

Because we are aware that you do not only want to come to Morocco to sit between the quarter walls of hotel rooms, ryads, or guest house, we organize picnics for you to specific places around from the place of your stay to change area and discover things, places, people,….

Prices & Booking
Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

2- Excursion "Weekly Souk 'Had Dra' - Sunday"

Generally when visiting the small weekly Moroccan Souk, we have the impression that we are living in prehistoric times concerning the methods of presenting goods, buying, selling, meeting traders,…. And most importantly, all of these trade customs change from region to region.

So the weekly Souk "Had Dra or Draa", on my part it always an exceptional sight, I do not know why but it is like that, and besides you will discover it too if you agree to come with us in a small excursion towards this small Souk, it is enough to reserve your place and / or for your family on this Internet site.

Prices & Booking
Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

3- Weekly Souk Excursion 'Ida Ouguerd' - Wednesday

The Ida Ougourd souk near the city of Essaouira takes place on the fourth day of the week, but beware in Morocco, the first day of the week, Al AHadd or Hadd, is Sunday, so el Arba, the fourth day, it's wednesday.

Ida Ougourd is a village located about twenty kilometers from the city of Essaouira. Nestled among the argan trees, there are the ruins of the old sugar factory, as well as several marabouts.

With MyDriver you will have the opportunity to visit this small village and its Souk every Wednesday of the week in an exceptional excursion organized for you, just book before each Wednesday to guarantee your place.

Prices & Booking
Taxi Marrakech Essaouira

4- Excursion "Weekly souk 'Meskala' - Thursday"

For the followers of traditional markets, the region of Essaouira offers every day the opportunity to visit the weekly Souk of Meskala located a few km from the city.

The weekly Souk is held in a Meskala village every Thursday of the week, accessible by taxi, car, two-wheeler or donkey

Book a private, relaxed and comfortable excursion from Essaouira to the weekly Thursday Souk of Meskala.

Prices & Booking

Why Book your Taxi Marrakech Essaouira?

Taxi Marrakech Driver VTC, is a tourist transport agency different from others, by booking your Taxi Cab Marrakech Essaouira, you benefit from many advantages and here are some of them:

  • New vehicles and serviced daily
  • Meet before your arrival time
  • Experienced drivers
  • Clear and fixed prices

Pour réserver "une Voiture avec chauffeur" pour voyage en Marrakech et Essaouira, veuillez nous remplir les champs ci-dessous.


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